DK-OPENSCREEN is the national infrastructure for chemical biology. It is constructed as an open‑access platform for interdisciplinary research spanning institutions, institutes, industrial organizations and scientific disciplines.

The core elements of the infrastructure will guarantee that biologists have access to compounds with the potential to modulate biological systems, while chemists have a platform for testing the biological activity of their molecules.

The mission of DK-OPENSCREEN is to unite chemists and biologists to advance biomedical research. The platform offers access to a collection of high-quality single molecules (the DK-OPENSCREEN Library) for use in biological screening assays. Users can either request the library in an assay-ready format for their own screening use – or screens can be performed by the network of partners.

The platform consists of several nodes: 1) the compound library hosting facility that prepares and distributes assay-ready plates to be directly used in biological screening; 2) a number of screening nodes, which currently includes sites specialized in pathogenic bacteria, phenotypic screening and bacterial communities.


19 JULY 2024