As a chemist, you can collaborate as a compound provider if you are interested in including your compounds in the DK-OPENSCREEN compound collection. Your compounds will be screened against a wide range of biological assays providing information about the biological activity profile of your compounds. The structure of your compounds will be anonymized, in order for donating institutes to retain IP rights. In case some of your compounds are identified as hits, you will be informed of this and provided with the contact information of the responsible biologist. The chemist and the biologist will then be free to pursue follow-up studies, joint publications, IP protection, etc.

As a biologist, you can collaborate by offering access to your robust and suitable assays and facilities. You can make your assays available through one of our existing screening nodes, but we are also looking to include completely new screening sites in DK-OPENSCREEN.

We can also assist your fundraising efforts, providing technical details, letters of collaboration, etc. Please contact us to learn more about collaboration with DK-OPENSCREEN.

The legal framework surrounding collaboration with DK-OPENSCREEN, both as a compound provider and as a biologist is regulated in three MTAs:

Agreement for the providing of compounds to the screening library.

Agreement for the use of the screening library – User providing biological assay.

Agreement for the use of the screening library – Screening site providing biological assay.
10 AUGUST 2022